Monday, November 29, 2010

Workers Start to Suffer as Fiji Water Gives State Two Days

FBC News - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leading water brand Fiji Water has told employees they will see what the Fiji government response is over the next two days before deciding what further action to take.

Employees told FBC News the company has promised to pay them this week and next week’s wages – but nothing else was guaranteed after that.

They say they were called in for a staff meeting at 10am yesterday, and told the company was closing down the facility at Yaqara immediately.

They were told to hand in their company ID cards, phones, and any other assets that belong to Fiji Water – and leave the premises straight away.

The meeting lasted ten minutes. When they walked out two Vatukoula express buses hired by the company were waiting to drop them to their homes.

 Workers told FBC News they were surprised and stunned with the events.

In a statement yesterday Fiji Water says they had to close down following the imposition of what it calls a “discriminatory” 15 per cent tax by government.

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