Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Military Pig Will Always be that - A Pig That Wallows in the Corruptive Mud

Posted on Matavuvale - 27 January 2011

Happy 2011
The situation is Fiji  started out as an artificial situation, where it was concocted by the Commodore and that is  a  corruptive SDL- has not been proven. Who got a corrupt bonus paypacket after donkey years?

The Illegal Military Government hyped their salary and now we can state that they are paid mercenaries against its own democracy. The PER is the proof of ILLEGAL MILITARY and it will be used against them when and if they are brought to justice. They should because they are trying to justify themselves. Its a joke that they are shooting themselves in the foot on every justifiable act they want to implement. A catch-22 they have created themselves.

The ills of Australia and the US would be on the same balance as of Fiji. The Fiji mess began, the day Commodore VB came in, to come out of his mess.

The eavesdropping of US and Great Britain was not for the survival of the Government, but for the survival of the its CITIZENS. For Fiji, its EAVESDROPPING ,is for the survival of the ILLEGAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT - not the citizen infact its done for the suppression of its honourable citizens.

Building bridges and doing other reforms is just another day in the OFFICE of any GOVERNMENT of the DAY- Not something to be proud of, but its what you are therefore and if SDL or FLP were in Government they would be done the same but to a smaller scale because there is no gun pointing at anyone's brain like this ILLEGAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT is trying to downplay.

We forget so easily and we are trying to reward this illegal government of all things they have done- It is the normal transaction of the government of the day to do what this ILLEGAL MILITARY GOVERNMENT is doing.

I give a high five to what they are doing and thats all they will get- but you cannot reward them and forget how they got there in the first place. We must return to first base, if not, we are decriminalising the coup that happened.

We are not supposed to be here to start off with.  If we justify this, we will compromise everything.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig- You can put lipstick on this coup but its still a coup.

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