Monday, December 6, 2010

Progress in Bua Province Pleases Province and Unconcerned in No Elections in 2014

Sai's Comments:

  • The response from the Bua Provincial Council is precisely what the illegal regime will jump on as a reason to justify Not holding Elections in 2014. It is a grave concern to all Fijians craving for a return to democracy.
  • While it is understandable that villagers and those in rural areas are rejoicing in the results of various rural projects and development initiatives undertaken by the current illegal regime, it must be noted, only a very small portion of the nation's revenue are generated from this sector. As such, other sectors are paying for the improvement in their welfare and livelihood - the improvement of a few at the expense of a lot.
  • It is also understandable that to those in villages, all that matters is to have their living standards and amenities improved and in place. If only, they would also acknowledge and appreciate that in order to fully enjoy these improvements, they also need to be aware of their place in the wider society and the global world they are part of and linked with. To deny this is to cast their lot back in history and I don't think that is something they would wish.

by Maneesha Karan

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
BUA Provincial Council is satisfied with developments taking place in the province and is unconcerned whether national elections are held in 2014 or not.
This was one of the resolutions raised at the council meeting in Bua last week.
Acting Roko Tui Bua Jale Sigarara said people were satisfied with developments undertaken up by the Government compared to projects undertaken by previous leaders.
"We are supportive of the development plans and policies of the current Government," he said.
"The people have found success and also experienced an improvement in their standard of living.
"Before, there was little development taking place in villages but not to the level it is happening now. The government has shown that it cares for its people, especially in rural areas."

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